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Time series analysis is all too often seen as an esoteric sub-field of data science. It is not. Other data science sub-fields have their idiosyncrasies (e.g. NLP, recommender systems, graph theory etc.), and it is the same with time series. Time series is idiosyncratic, not distinct.

If your goal is…

Wrangling through Dataland

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Much of what impels human behaviour is not directly observable. This is a common refrain in data analysis of social phenomenon, such as the socio-cultural drivers of education and income. Or in financial markets where many of the underlying factors that drive the buying or selling of particular securities at…

Wrangling through Dataland

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Classification algorithms are often able to output predicted probabilities. Sometimes these predicted probabilities are of interest themselves, such as when assessing betting odds. Predicted probabilities may also help with imbalanced data by giving us the option of adjusting the classification threshold to improve model predictions.

This article discusses the differences…

Wrangling through Dataland

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We have little to no control over the actual return from our financial investments. We hope for a positive return, but there is no guarantee. The only thing we can control throughout the process is the volatility in the value of those investments, and we do this through diversification. It…

Wrangling through Dataland

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How might we deal with a jumble of jigsaw puzzle pieces? A tried-and-tested strategy is to start by spreading out the pieces so they may be taken in with a glance. Then we sort them into recognizable groups, first of edge pieces and then by color. Grouping the pieces according…

The gift of ultra-low interest rates in the pandemic

A few days ago investors lined up to pay the British government for the privilege of lending it money. Nearly $5 billion of UK Gilt bonds were issued at a yield of -0.003% on May 20. Let that sink it: a…

Wrangling through Dataland

Carol Johnson, “Hardware Store Painting”, Kansas Museum of History

The 2012 news story that Target could predict its customers’ pregnancies was arguably a watershed moment in machine learning’s rise to mass consciousness. Apocryphal or not, the story went viral, swathed in those layers of wonder and anxiety that embody the popular view of AI. …

Alvin T. Tan, Ph.D.

Financier by profession. Economist by training. Data scientist & essayist by inclination.

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